Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just hit the 40th Thread!

On the new site I have just posted the 40th thread. By the time the site launches it should be 45 + posts.

The site will be here next week :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

168,309 Hits!

I am shocked beyond belief that than many hits to this site. A huge thanks of appreciation to everyone since July 2004 has visted this small by modest website/forum/blogger!

Thats over 100,000 hits since the end of December 2005.

I am still shocked and totally amazed beyond belief!

Bodypump 59 5 Days to Go!

The very last Bodypump class - in Oceania I kid you not this round of 1/4's where I get to experience Bodypump 59.

Will write something up Sunday about Bodypump 59 by Glen then.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bodypump 59 track 9!

A featured artists on this site is the shoulder track selection for Bodypump 59.

I featured the artist here this year.

I am stoked that they have used this track as number 9 in Bodypump 59 :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tell Me Why Remade for 2006 by Supermode!

Supermode 'Tell Me Why' was released latley, it was originally a hit by Bronsky Beat. I love Bronsky Beat and their music and enjoyed all their music.

Bronski Beat was one of the best things about the music of my generation. I adore their music and loved their videos :)

Here is a link to the new version by Supermode. They have changed the concept of the song.

Would love love love to see that track in any Bodypump!

Supermode Tell Me Why!

Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate!

Like the single tons Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate!

Just landed, possibly the biggest Trance anthem of this year! Tiesto delivers an epic number with the theme from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest'... This the CD Single contains 6 different mixes including: Tiesto Radio edit, Pete n' Red's Jolly Roger Radio edit, Tiesto Orchestral remix, Tiesto remix, Pete n' Red's Jolly Roger Trance mix and Friscia & Lamboy Tribal Treasure mix.

© 2006 Catapult

  • He's A Pirate (Tiesto radio edit)
  • He's A Pirate (Tiesto remix)
  • He's A Pirate (Tiesto orchestral remix)
  • Jack's Theme Suite
It appears on Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest!

Please please check the 12" single of this track awesome. That track would rock as a track 7 or 8 in any Bodypump!

Women love Johnny Depp!

Loleatta Holloway- Love Sensation ‘06 Remix!

If you remember Mary Mark and his single "Good Vibrations" then you would be familiar with that awesome track.

She is back with with her classic hit Love Sensation which sounds like "Good Vibrations" in parts. It also sounds like in parts C & C Music Factory Ride On Time which she sang on also.

I adore her music :)

She is currently number 1 in many parts off Europe!

Love Sensation Video!

Lionel Ritchie has a new single out!

LIONEL RICHIE - I Call It Love is his latest CD - Single it features his daughter Nichole. Lionel has featured on a number of Bodypump's. I adore Bodypump 21 and adore evey release he has appeared on. I have a special attachment to Bodypump 35 where we putting away the step was not the thing to do as we used it in that track.

All Night Long Lionel Richie Bodypump 21
Endless love Diana Ross & Lionel Richie Bodypump- 35
Angel Lionel Ritchie Bodypump 38
All Night Long Lionel Richie Bodypump 49

Would it not be awesome to have a track 9 with the step again :)

Danzel vrs DJ FRANK - My Arms Keep Missing You!

Danzel has a new single out called Danzel - My Arms Keep Missing You

BODYPUMP™ 51 Pump It Up Danzel
BODYPUMP™ 55 You Are All Of That, Danzel

It is currently screaming up the charts and is taking off bigtime.

You can see it at the following location:

Danzel vrs DJ FRANK - My Arms Keep Missing You!

Danzel's Website!

Glen's Bodypump Site 4th September 2006!

It will be offically launched on the 4th September 2006. The new Glen Tracklist site will open the following week. The new look Bodypump 59 PopUpCards will be launched the 2nd week of September 2006.

I am so excited :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

3 months of articles on the new site!

I commenced posting articles on the new site on July 2006 it has been a mammoth task getting the site together. Now have 35 good articles there written over the period of 3 months.

By the time the site will be launched I should have 4 months of good articles there and a new concept for Bodypump 59, which I am excited about.

I showed the new site to a few people and they liked the new look.

They liked the differences beween this site and the new one. :)

Forum new concept new dual focus!

The new blogger - site for Bodypump is going to be a dual blogger - site focuses on Bodypump and ............

I am excited about the new direction of the new site!

The new site focuses on everything Bodypump as well as issues relating to Exercise and Fitness.

Articles on the fitness industry and articles on exercise perscription will be there. They will be in a new section on the blogger a mini-blogger will be at the bottom of the new site.

Now thinking about articles for there........


Monday, August 21, 2006

Gym Instructor Zone!

Just added to the Activeforum a new section called Gym Instructor Zone. The aim of that part of the forum is to discuss exercises that are outside of Bodypump.

I am excited about the addition to the forum and will start things off tomorrow with a few articles.

If you have a question about plyometrics - weight training - programmes - exercise perscription - swiss ball training then that is the place to talk about it.

I am a registered gym instructor - qualifed resistance trainer and swiss ball technician.

I look forward to discussing exercise there :)

Our Bodypump Gym Instructor Forum!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Tracklist Site for Bodypump!

As of release 59, Michaels track site will no longer be used. I am moving to a new site for Bodypump 59 forward. The site for Michaels Bodypump will stay there and be updated when things do change.

On the new site there will be more functionality.

The new sites should be running within a short space of time. That is the reason why I have not been posting here latley I am getting the new sites functioning. They are close to being right for the move over. :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heading towards the 40 article mark.....

On Glen's site there should be about 40 or so entries there.

I am aiming for that so when the move occurs you will have something to read there. The content on the site is new and has not been seen on this site.

It is weird writing material that I can only see, and entering posts there only at the current time I can read.

I also have a profile on trainers and instructors there that is going to expand out. If you want to be profiled there please let me know :)

Strange to say the least!


Bodypump 59 Sizzler!

Please check the sizzler :) under the Bodypump 58 option on the sidebar.

Bodypump 2nd September 2006. So the launch date of the new site would be the 3rd September 2006.

Cheers to everyone.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The big move is coming up!

Towards the end of August 2006 this site will move to a new location where the story and journey of Bodypump by Glen Ostergaard will continue. I personally would like to thank everyone who has visited this site in the last 2 1/2 years I really do appreciate it.

The site is made possible via my dear friends at Les Mills International for allowing me to have this site on their blog site. I am forever in their debt for that.

The new site is coming along really well. Glen's site will rock and I am so very happy with the way it looks.

The journey continues on the 1st September 2006!

Australian Idol in Full Swing & Young Divas breaks Europe!

The talent is looking good this year I will be continuing the tradition here of showcasing the new Australian Idol artists here this year.

Meanwhile we have featured "Emily Williams - Kate DeAraugo - Paulini and Ricki-Lee Coulter here.

The "Young Divas" are about to break the bigtime in Europe where their debut single has just cracked the dance charts. "This time I Know its for real" is bubbling under the current Euro dance charts.

Check the following link: YOUNG DIVAS!

Meanwhile Emily Williams "I will always love you" is about to be released.

Ready to Go - Republica!

Where I am from "Ready to Go" - Republica are making the rounds of a national ad campaign. The track is no 2 on Bodypump 43.

I love the track everytime I hear the track I want to squat. Republica also appear on the very last Bodypump Drop Dead Georgous track 2.

Following that track is Enter the Sandman - Metalica the best track 3 ever in Bodypump history.


If you want to see a Sneak Preview of Bodypump 59!

Check the following:


Then click on Video Clip :)

Working Class Dog - Rick Springfield!

I adore the music of Rick Springfield.

On the 25th July 2006 Rick re-released his massive album Working Class Dog which was released in 1981. It has an expanded edition 3 new bonust tracks.

Rick to my generation is an awesome performer he is a complete legend. I have been playing his music all weekend. I recently started to listen to Anthology his Best of CD jammed packed full of hits which has 24 classic Rick tunes on it.

In 2005 Rick also released "The Day After Yesterday" which is an awesome CD.

Rick has had over 20 million record sales and his musical career is taking off again.

Go Rick Springfield!

Now back to you Bert for those in Australia :) thanks Moira (You have to be Australian to understand that :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Shakira Hips Don't Lie (Fans Only Version)

10th March 2006, I reviewed Hips don't Lie, the track has taken off bigtime around the world. Mind you it has taken 6 months for that track to finally get some deserved airplay.

Shakira's Entry Here!

Bodypump 60!

Is being filmed today in Auckland New Zealand. If you have gone to the new class please share what you know :) in the active forum!

The Activeforum!

Hi guys,

The activeforum is located at the bottom of the screen - please drop in an say hi.

There is alot of good features there, connect and talk about the latest releases.

Many thanks for those who have joined in and posting.

Cascada New CD!

Cascada has a new single out called "A Neverending Dream" it is from her deubt CD. Meanwhile "Everytime we Touch" is now in the UK top 40 singles for this week.

We broke news of Cascada here last year and I am greatful that she has added me to her myspace.

Dixi Disco - Oliver Dix - Make Yo Body Pump!

From the guy that bought us Make Yo Bodypump from Bodypump 45 one of my favorites of all time. Comes Oliver Dix and this track from 2005 performed by Dixi Disco.

(c) 2005 Dance Street

The track was - Oliver Dix (Arranger), Oliver Dix (Producer), Oliver Dix (Mixing)

Can't Stand It [Radio Version]
I Can't Stand It [Full Gainer Radio Edit]
I Can't Stand It [Belmond & Parker Remix]
I Can't Stand It [Dixi Disco House Mix]
I Can't Stand It [Full Gainer Club Mix]
Close Ya Eyes [Club Mix]

Give this a listen to :)

Tell me why!

Supermode have a re-release of the Broonski Beats single "Tell me Why" please everyone check it out!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bodypump 59 and Bodypump 60!

On Glens site expect some articles on those releases. I now have 28 threads there. So there is something to read there when I migrate from here to there in late August 2006.

There is a new sidebar as well.

I am so excited to be able to release the new site soon :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sorry about not posting here!

I occasionally take a break from here and do other things. This weekend Bodypump 59 arrives here for the 1/4's.

I will keep everyone up-dated on the releases.

Ruthie T is coming to teach BP here and I am so happy about that.

No that makes being taught by Lisa - Michael - Donna and now Ruthie!

Bring on Bodypump 59!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Les Mills Introduces a New Class called - StepPump!

A one hour class combining BODYPUMP® to strengthen and tone your body, and BODYSTEP® which pushes fat burning systems into high gear. (Currently a Trial Class only)

Copyright Les Mills International 2006

Very very very interesting!

Taught by: Lisa Osborne!

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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